Redefining Rehabilitation

The RSx adds cable resistance and wall mounting to the Rotators Shield product line.

Benefits of using a resistance cable

The cables allow the user to fully exercise their rotators cuff muscles, whilst standing to improve balance and stability.

The further the handles are pulled, the more resistance is given, which allows the user to gain strength by adapting the resistance over time. Furthermore, the user can choose the speed of movement, which is beneficial when training eccentric movements.

Cables save storage space, they are ideal for gym use and also home space use.

Cables are generally safer as there is no possibility of weights being dropped, making them a very safe alternative to free weights.

Cables add variety to your workout. Simply put, the user can modify familiar exercises to create more effective movements.

Any fitness level can use a resistance cable, no advanced technique or ability is required.

The user can train alone with the RSx, without the need for third party assistance whilst training.

The constant resistance of a cable means that the user remains under tension for the entirety of the exercise. Resistance is maintained during the positive and negative motions of the users movement.

Constant resistance forces the body to adapt and get stronger.

The RSx can be used for a comprehensive full body workout, that challenges virtually every major muscle group in your body.

The RSx is lightweight and easily portable, you can stash it in your suitcase when travelling and use it to get a good workout right in your hotel room.

The Rotators Shield and RSx Rig

Holds six removable Rotators Shield units.

2 RSx units either side of the rig with adjustable height for the user’s satisfaction whilst training.

The back of the Rig can be comfortably placed against a wall for space optimisation.

Included is a weight bucket for the storage and collection of individual Rotators Shield weights.

Mounted Wall RSx

The RSx can be fitted to a wall in 2 different ways:

Pole Mount: the product can fit on a pole that is attached to the wall, with a small bracket to change height to that desired of the user.

Fixed Wall mount: whereby the venue can install multiple RSx units at a set height. This not only creates a uniform workout, but additionally creates more room for a gym to maximise their space, such as holding two classes in the same space.

The Rotators Shield and RSx in Classes

The RS changes a class environment as all units are aesthetically similar, creating a uniformed workout.

Light strip around the shield gives a cool class look and can be filmed i.e. Instagram and social media.

Using a combination of RS and RSX within a class, you can guarantee everyone will get a full body workout, as well as having the option to rehabilitate the body and prevent future injuries.

Reaching individuals personal goals, the entire class can get involved at the same time with a similar resistance. Compare this with traditional weights, where individuals with less knowledge have demonstrated to be nervous or inexperienced due to the complexity of the usage of common weights.

With the RS and RSX, we have taken class workouts to a whole new level. We have designed a class exercise routine whereby The RS and RSX can work harmoniously together, creating an environment where achieving your fitness goals no longer needs to be a battle.