The Rotators Shield is a versatile, cutting-edge and revolutionary piece of exercise equipment. Specifically designed to provide a full body workout, this all in one multi-action device that challenges every level of fitness. An efficient and dynamic tool, the Rotators Shield can be used for a full-body workout as well as to help rehabilitate the  ‘rotators cuff’ muscles. It’s the best functional training apparatus on the market to offer both sports conditioning and physiotherapy.

Uniquely created to focus on the specific needs of the body, the Rotators Shield will enhance muscle definition and tone, increasing your movement, power and drive.  This sleek and streamlined ‘Shield’ can effectively increase core strength, stability and burn fat, fast. Sessions using our equipment encourage isolated and full-body movements such as rotating, balance and lifting, bringing you closer to your ultimate fitness goals. The Rotators Shield offers a fully functional workout for all ages and abilities in one hand-held piece of equipment.

Designed, developed and scientifically tested for 3 years, it not only provides a unique fitness experience, but boasts an unmatched standard of quality and durability. This exceptional piece of equipment is recognised by esteemed members of the medical and sports industries.

“We created the Rotators Shield after identifying a niche in the fitness market.  From experience, We recognise that working out is hard enough, which is why we wanted to make things simple. For maximum efficiency, this hand-held tool challenges your entire body, it’s the only device to offer a full skeletal workout, with just one piece of equipment. It has the flexibility to adjust its resistance for each individual part of the body. Optimum results at any level, in any environment.

Gym goers are more informed than ever in their knowledge of health and fitness. We recognised the need for a versatile, strength training gym apparatus that not only contained scientific research and rehabilitative attributes for your body; but had a cool, slick and comfortable feel to it.  Our aim for Rotators Shield is to bring a whole new dimension to training, toning and exercise.”

Creators & Founders:
Raj Umayavan Yadhunanthanan & Alexander Daniel Klein