Mr Philip Ahrens

Shoulder surgeon for the London 2012 Olympics and a consultant at the Royal Free

World renowned Consultant orthopaedic surgeon with specialisation in shoulder and elbow surgery. Mr Ahrens has worked with numerous Olympic athletes for the London 2012 Olympics. An honorary Consultant to St. Lukes Healthcare in New York, USA; Mr Ahrens consults and operates for the NHS and Private Sector.  He is a member of the British Orthopaedic Association, The British Elbow and Shoulder Society and is the founder member of the Watanabe Club, a society dedicated to the advancement and teaching of arthroscopic shoulder surgery.  His specialist interests are in shoulder and elbow arthroscopy and joint replacement. He has been awarded the British Elbow and Shoulder Society’s European Travelling Fellowship in 2004, and is the lead investigator in multi-centre clinical trials and other research.

I have shown and discussed this with my colleagues and it is an excellent exercise aid which I think could have many applications with regards to positive rehabilitation of the shoulder. Its size and flexibility make it viable in professional markets and for home exercise.”

Dr Yadhunanthanan MD FRCA DICM

Consultant in Anaesthesia and ICU at The Royal Free NHS Trust

Senior Consultant in Intensive care and Anaesthesia, Dr Yadhunanthanan has extensive experience working within the orthopaedic unit at Royal Free NHS Trust. Dr Yadhunanthanan was previously a professional cricketer (right arm leg spinner) and has firsthand experience in shoulder strengthening and exercises.  He therefore understands the value of medicine within the fitness world. Dr Yadhunanthanan was greatly involved in the design stages of the RS.

“Having been given the opportunity to use the product for 4 weeks I can confirm that the Rotators Shield to the best of my knowledge assists in both rehabilitating and maintaining the shoulder.”

Dr Priyanka

Medical doctor at Cambridge, ADDENBROOKES

Junior doctor with a special interest in surgery, Dr Priyanka has extensive experience working in different surgical and medical fields within the NHS. Dr Priyanka has identified that the RS fills the gap in the market for an equipment which would benefit her patients, especially when they develop upper limb weakness after a long period of stay in hospital. The design of the RS is particularly key as it caters for all ages of the population depending on how much upper body strength one has.

“I believe that the Rotators Shield is an interesting piece of gym equipment, which during my time with the product, has shown to work the shoulder as well as having the real possibility to be used as a full body workout.”

Kam Chana

Sports Physiotherapist

Highly qualified physiotherapist and sports therapist. Mr Kam Chana is HCPC and CSP registered and has extensive experience working with well known clinics in Harley Street and Wimpole Street.
He has also worked in several departments of the NHS including the Rehabilitation unit, Orthopaedics, Nurology, Musculoskeletal – NHS and private practise, Intensive Care and Community rehabilitation.
His particular area of interest is with musculoskeletal injuries and uses a hollistic approach to treat patients where he combines therapies, including deep tissue and sports massages, electrotherapy and joint and spine mobilisation and manipulation.

“Having tested the Rotators Shield, I believe that it provides an effective all round full body workout as well as the ability to effectively rehabilitate the rotators cuff muscles situated in the shoulder whilst strengthening the core.”

Amy Sachon

Personal Trainer

Amy has over 8 years experience training high profile individuals within their homes, Amy has extensive knowledge in functional equipment and has used various different innovative equipments for her sessions. Amy approves that the RS would be fantastic for her clients when training within a home environment.

“The Rotators Shield is an excellent piece of equipment, i was privileged to use it for 2 weeks for my clientele, not only does it burn but its a fun way to perform functional exercise! Try planking with it on your back!”

John Seawood

Personal Trainer

John has been a master personal trainer working within gyms and fitness centres across the world for over 18 years. He knows exactly what it takes for a fitness product to succeed. According to John the RS is a not only another piece of functional equipment, but a product with serious potential to assist the industry in achieving the perfect functional equipment that doubles up as a medical device with customisable configurations.

“After using the Rotators Shield on my clients for the past 6 weeks, i have found that it is an excellent alternative functional training device, my clients are so bored of kettle bells and dumbbells! This device brings originality to my sessions and makes things different and fun!”

David Summers

Fitness Coach

David is an experienced fitness coach, teaching many sports from swimming to football. David runs teen gym classes which we asked him to test the RS in. David concluded that not only did the teen group have a great workout but they wanted to use the RS. David believes it’s a very modern product and believes every trainer should have one.

“I have used the Rotators Shield for a few of my sessions now, my clients love it! It beats the boring old training apparatus such as dumbells, and gives my clients an opportunity to train in a fun and effective way! I definitely recommend this to all trainers!”